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Here you will find various ideas and articles on astrology, dreams, the tarot, psychic phenomena, premonitions, profiles on celebrities and other well known people and even a selection of poetry. Some sections will include articles previously published in the Astrological Monthly Review magazine.

New Features For 2013

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The Afterlife

Take a trip into the world of the afterlife with Kathy Cooper. Click here to read more...

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Feature Articles

Looking to the Heavens, taken from Kathy's Monthly Newsletters.

Readings by Kathy

Kathy is currently taking bookings for full-on intense astrological readings that will involve a one hour personal one-to-one session, done over the phone. This will include a natal chart, progressions, solar arc aspects and transits.

Price is $120.00(AUD) and must be paid via a bank cheque, direct deposit or cash in the mail only. For more information and a personal response from Kathy, please use the contact form by clicking here.