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Weekly Horoscopes

By Kathy Cooper.

For week beginning November 19, 2012.

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Overview for the week ahead...

This week in our Universe there are a total of four planetary alignments. The two helpful ones can assist us in future long term planning and the ability to get super organised. There is also a beautiful alignment which will focus on those seeking love, romance, affection, and perhaps some good fortune to boot. However, the two annoying one may see some of us up against the wall and have to make instantaneous decisions, and hopefully we may avoid things being tipped upside down. There is also the possibility of situations connected to treachery and deceit, that will need a keen eye to avoid the net of intrigue.

On Thursday 22 November the Sun enters Sagittarius for one whole calendar month. This can bring overseas matters to the fore and there could very well be a big focus on Australia and someone in prominence here or a VIP visiting this country or having an impact overseas. Some members of the British Royal family may be on the move and travelling far and wide.

Also today Venus enters Scorpio and will remain in this sign up until 16 December. Those with a deep seated passionate nature will suddenly feel that they want to have their most basic needs met. It is a sultry and magnetic sign and with the entry of Venus here for the next four weeks we may see some super sexy clothing being draped over the rich and the famous or the super models of the day. The focus will be on seduction to a high degree so expect to have your eyes popping during this time frame.

Also today the Sun clashes with Neptune. Not the day to trust strangers, get involved in any project you know little about or to be trusting even with those whom you thought would never deceive you. Con artists will flourish today so make sure you know all the facts about someone before you even dare hand over a dollar of your hard earned income to them. There could be a big drug haul occur today and they may even get away with it, unless of course an insider wants to get them busted for a previous indiscretion involving a matter of trust that went badly wrong. Donít get married today or start any new business for there will be hidden traps for the unwary or the gullible. This alignment is potentially very secretive and people are prone to be susceptible to major confusion. Some who are into swindling and scams will pull the wool over the eyes of those who are gullible and take everything at face value. There will be wolves hiding beneath sheepís clothing. There will be many who will camouflage their true colours, so for those who are wearing blinkers, you may suffer at their hands. To put it simply, as I have said before, trust everyone, but cut the cake yourself. Drugs may be found in unlikely places or hidden by people whom you would not suspect. Just remember, no-one should be above reproach. Beware of danger or problems near the ocean, gas, oil wells, and take care that there is nothing contaminating your food or drinks. Poisoning can occur for the unwary. Friendships formed today need to pass the test of time before people are considered trustworthy. Someone in power may be on an ego trip, or trying to call someone's bluff on a major issue. Do not trust strangers or any new kids on the block.

Also today Venus makes a good contact with Neptune. This is just wonderful for a first date, getting engaged or married or throwing a huge party or other social gathering. If you utilise the themes of the ocean, romantic or magical effects, the outcome will be truly fascinating for all those who participate. Musicians, artists and poets will be in their element with their thoughts and imagination flowing freely and inspired by the mystical aspects of the Universe. A good day to open a business with a focus on the elements of beauty, flowers, crystals, perfumes and womenís products. This could be a heavenly day. Some people may be lucky enough to find their soul-mate. This is a magical time and will colour over all misgivings and produce a haze of wonder and delight that will leave you gasping. New friendships or romances commenced today seem idyllic and will restore your faith in humanity. People generally will appear to be more caring and compassionate. This is the kind of day when everything looks beautiful and inspirational. An ocean journey would be quite pleasurable to the senses or any other similar beautiful scenic location. A wisp of magical stardust will drift down from the heavens and gloss over today, inclining some romantic types to fall in love. The Sun will rise before you even had the chance to put out the candle lights.

On Friday 23 November Mars clashes with Uranus. This is highly explosive and accident prone time so do not start out on any new journey or buy a car today. Try to avoid working with heavy machinery or electrical items as something may go horribly wrong. Plans will be unsettled and errors likely to arise quite unexpectedly. Take your time if people start to get pushy or forceful. Riots can develop easily so avoid large gatherings or people who are out to start a fight. Do not make any particularly personal decisions today as this could be fraught with problems and dangerous conditions. There is the tendency for people to knee-jerk in their reactions to others if they do not get what they want or hear what they want to hear. This is an accident prone day relatively speaking. People generally wonít be co-operative and disruptive behaviour and even eccentricities will be far more intolerable to cope with than usual. Avoid those who are rebellious or anti-social for they will instigate disruptive actions that will attract problems for themselves and those around them.

On Sunday 25 November Mars forms a good link with Saturn. This can be productive for the automotive industry or any other industry involved with machinery of all types. Those who make long term investments, especially those involving the real estate business will profit from this further down the track. If you can keep your nose to the grindstone, your abilities and efforts will be recognised by those in authority over you. Perseverance, dedication and endurance are the qualities that can be drawn from this alignment so put them to good use while you can. Your energies will be backed up by your determination to plod on until you reach success.


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