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For week beginning November 17, 2014.


22nd Dec - 23rd Jan

Venus now enters Sagittarius and your sector of secrets, behind the scenes people and places such as hospitals or retreats and remains in this area up until 10 December. During this time you may just feel like chilling out and going away by yourself for a while. If you start a new romance during this time, you may have to keep it under wraps for some reason. A clandestine liaison may appeal, and the person could be glamorous and very attractive, which is why this would be so hard to resist. The Sun will now occupy your sector of secrets, behind the scenes people and places such as hospitals or retreats and will remain in this area up until 22 December so these issues will be of major importance. You could visit someone in hospital, jail or a retreat of some kind. A parent may have to be moved into a nursing home or require some time in hospital. You may mentally go into retreat for a while to give yourself and your mind a break from the pressures of society. This is a great time to enjoy some solitude and privacy to restore harmony and tranquillity to your soul. You may need to go off by yourself, and leave the mobile phone at home. You should not always make yourself available to all those who feel they cannot live without you for the day. On Monday Mercury forms a helpful alignment with Pluto. Your sense of self-worth, will be powerful and provide you with the confidence to make yourself known to the big wide world in a very productive way. On Tuesday the Sun forms a close alliance with Saturn. A dear friend may leave your life, or you engage in an argument, that does not please either person. In my humble opinion, I would lay low for the day, stay in bed, and read some philosophical phrases that are aimed at lifting your spirits. On Friday Venus clashes with Neptune. This is not the time to believe everything you see or hear, as you could be misled in a very uncomfortable way. On Saturday Mercury forms a helpful link to Mars. Your high energy level and that of a friend may be best spent on a hiking trip or something very exciting such as a day at an amusement centre may be the order of the day. Also today there will be a New Moon at zero degrees of Sagittarius in your sector of secrets, hidden things, people and places behind the scenes or in a hospital or other place of retreat possibly bringing on a sense of peace within yourself and the desire to seek more solitude. On Sunday Mercury clashes with Jupiter. Take your time today to assimilate any new financial arrangement that involves joint finances, as otherwise you may get in way over your head.

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