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For week beginning August 18, 2014.


22nd Dec - 23rd Jan

The Sun will now occupy your sector of travel, religion, beliefs, studies and connection with overseas people and places and remain in this area up until 23 September. This can bring about an opportunity that will alter your beliefs, or you meet someone whose ideas are very different to your own and you learn something valuable in terms of life experience from them. This is also a good time to travel, particularly overseas and as a way of experiencing some adventure in your life. Also possible is that someone at a distance may get in contact with you or visit your home. The impact this can have on you will be life-changing in very significant ways. If you form a new acquaintance in your travels, it will have a significant impact for many years to come. On Monday Venus forms a close alliance with Jupiter. This is the most opportune time to celebrate your new-found sense of financial security. This may arise out of an inheritance or some shares you have invested in the stock market which goes through the roof and you can cash it in right now. On Tuesday Mercury opposes Neptune. Your thought processes may get somewhat muddled due to a planned itinerary for an overseas trip that gets out of focus. On Friday Mercury forms a helpful link with Pluto, which may see you undergoing a transformation of your projected image, to one that will spell success and bring you in connection with many overseas people and countries.

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