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For week beginning April 21, 2014.


22nd Dec - 23rd Jan

Mercury now enters Taurus and remains in this sign up until 7 May, in your sector of romance, children, creativity, speculation and the pleasures of life. This can be a fun time if you let the inner child out once in a while. You could also find that you associate more with young people or children and they are a source of pleasure. You will probably do quite a lot of running around which can leave you stressed out. On Monday Jupiter opposes Pluto. Your personal transformation may come at a high price, though it will be well worth it in the end because you will be truly happy with the final outcome. On Tuesday Uranus clashes with Pluto. Your powerful leadership skills can be tested and if you are sure of yourself, you will be the winner. Just make sure everything is above board, which it may not be. Also today Mars clashes with Jupiter. Your beloved may raise some momentous difficulties regarding your career or other public speech or lecture. On Wednesday Mars opposes Uranus, which can prove very disruptive if you have to urgently travel a long distance. On Thursday Mars clashes with Pluto, which could put you in the line of fire if you are not careful and let the boss think you are too aggressive or pushy, so keep things to yourself, for the time being. On Friday Venus forms a good link to Saturn. A new friendship formed today will be with someone who stays in your life for a very long time. On Saturday the Sun forms a close alliance to Mercury, which could see you making a very public statement that attracts the attention of the media in a very significant way. On Sunday Mercury forms a lovely alignment to Neptune, when some mysterious news reaches your ears, possibly via a psychic person who seems to know just where you are at. Also today the Sun forms a great link to Neptune, when a new romance becomes very prominent in your life due to the easy communication between the two of you. This could involve a sibling or close neighbour who steps in to make things less complicated for you.

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