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For week beginning July 28, 2014.


22nd Dec - 23rd Jan

Mercury now enters Leo, in your sector of loans, legacies, wills, inheritance, the goods of the dead, your partner’s income and any other shared resource and remains in this area up until 15 August. There may be many communications or documents associated with these matters that involve a financial agreement. You may also start to question your own mortality around this time and perhaps write your will. On Monday Venus opposes Pluto when you may be overwhelmed by the demands of your beloved who thinks you are easily manipulated into bending to their every wish and desire, so step out now. On Friday Venus clashes with Uranus. This may bring a temporary departure of a loved one from your abode, but this can be remedied quickly if you are very forgiving. Also today Venus forms a helpful alignment with your ruling planet Saturn. If your beloved has not yet proposed, perhaps you should take the lead and pop the big question instead, or if you decide to marry today, it will be very long lasting. On Saturday Mars clashes with Jupiter. A difficulty is likely concerning a joint financial situation especially if a friend is also involved. On Sunday Mercury aligns closely with Jupiter. You may be notified today that a shared investment is reaping huge dividends, so it may be wise to cash it in now, rather than postpone it. Also today Mercury clashes with Mars. Friends in particular may not be the right choice to advise you on any kind of financial venture as they may be so way off track, it can only lead to big losses.

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