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For week beginning July 21, 2014.


22nd Dec - 23rd Jan

The Sun will now occupy your sector of loans, legacies, wills, inheritance, the goods of the dead, your partner’s income and any other shared resource and remains in this area up until 23 August. Any one of these may be on your mind or need your time and attention. Some may bring a cause for concern whilst others may promise success. There may be legal documents to sign, or communications involving any of these issues, or you write out your will or get super organised with your life insurance and superannuation ready for the future. You may mull over your life expectancy and consider ways to ensure that your estate is left in good hands. A child or young person may be involved in these matters with you, or perhaps a twin brother or sister. Mars will now occupy your sector of friends, hopes, wishes and any groups or committees that you belong to and remain in this area up until 13 September. You could find one of your friends is a bit more irate or difficult to relate to during this time span. Maybe give them a little more space, as partings can occur if someone acts hastily or speaks out of turn, filling the air with tension and potential resentment. On Tuesday Mercury opposes Pluto. A conflict of interests between yourself and your beloved or with a business colleague may leave you feeling bitter and resentful, however it will pass. On Thursday Venus forms a harmonious link to Neptune that can signal an offer of marriage that will fill your heart with happiness. On Friday the Sun forms a close liaison to Jupiter. You could very well be named favourably in someone’s will, or another source of financial benefit is coming your way. If you have made investments in foreign countries or the travel industry the dividends reaped now will be enormous. Also today Mercury clashes with Uranus. A young family member may cause chaos on the home-front and leaves you quite upset and rattled. Also today Mercury forms a harmonious link to your ruling planet Saturn. There may be some long standing friendships that you share with your beloved, that gain solid ground and make you both feel very secure.

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