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For week beginning November 17, 2014.


24th Aug - 23rd Sept

Venus now enters Sagittarius and your sector of home and family matters and your early upbringing and remains in this area up until 10 December. During this time you may spend lavishly on home furnishings or perhaps even purchase your first home. Whatever you do, it will be expensive, though will prove to be a beneficial influence on how comfortable you will feel in your home environment. You may even do some home entertaining during this time and it will be lavish and glamorous. Also possible is that you may meet a new lover in or near your home. This person will bring great happiness into your life, if you let them. The Sun will now occupy your sector of home and family matters and your early upbringing and will remain in this area up until 22 December. You could have many comings and goings during this time and you may find that you focus all of your time and attention on the home, and other family matters. Children may play an important role in your life or a baby arrives on the scene bringing great happiness. You could also move house if that was on the agenda. This may also provide the chance to have an in-depth discussion with someone in the home or with a parent or child to set the ground rules of the home environment and let them know who is boss. You could feel that now is the time to do some renovations or decorating to make your home more elegant and comfortable. You will spare no expense to create the ambiance you desire, with comfort being the most important factor. Your family will also be more important to you and you may want to spend more time at home with your loved ones. You could also decide to do some home entertaining or invite someone of importance to your abode. On Monday Mercury forms a helpful alignment with Pluto. You may purchase a lottery ticket that wins the huge jackpot which totally transforms your life. On Tuesday the Sun forms a close alliance with Saturn. This is not the best day of the week to have a conversation or meeting with your boss, as they will want you to bend over backwards for them, and still not reward you for your efforts. On Friday Venus clashes with Neptune. Take care on the home-front today, and especially if you involve yourself or your family in any water activities in the pool or ocean. On Saturday Mercury forms a helpful link to Mars. You will probably receive some exciting news today and this may arise due to a financial speculation that involves either your lover or a child, so look for that cheque from the lottery office in the mail. Also today there will be a New Moon at zero degrees of Sagittarius in your sector of home and family matters and your early upbringing which could signal a house move, or someone in the home decides to move out, giving you a much needed sense of freedom. On Sunday Mercury clashes with Jupiter. An incident connected to your distant past is likely to surface that involves a sibling, whom you may have never even met, due to a confidential matter that was kept hidden for many years.

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