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For week beginning October 20, 2014.


24th Aug - 23rd Sept

The Sun moves into Scorpio, and your sector of communications, siblings, neighbours and short distance travel and remains in this area up until 22 November. These issues will occupy your mind, your time and your attention in a significant way and take on more importance during this time. You may also feel like you want to air your thoughts, get out and about, and perhaps do some writing. A trip out of town is also very likely and can revitalise your soul. A sibling or neighbour may need your time and/or attention for some reason. Try to be patient, as they may not have the untiring resolve that you do. You may be able to help them out, or alternatively they may be highly instrumental in giving you inspiration to achieve your goals. Venus now enters Scorpio and remains in this sign up until 17 November, in your sector of communications, siblings, neighbours and short distance travel. If there have been any unpleasant dealings with any of these people or issues recently, now you can resolve them and reach amicable agreements. You may be on the receiving end of some really good news around then, or you receive a love letter from an admirer. If you start a new job involving public promotions, it should fare well during this time frame. On Monday Venus holds hands with Mars. You have probably been saving up for a long time to buy that new home, and now the opportunity will literally land in your lap. On Tuesday your ruling planet Mercury forms a helpful link to Jupiter. Your good deeds have been accumulating and now you will reap the financial rewards you have deserved for so very long. On Friday there will be a New Moon at zero degrees of Scorpio in your sector of communications, siblings, neighbours and short distance travel which could bring some very important news to your door. This could see you starting a new study course or perhaps taking a quick trip out of town, which could lead you onto bigger and better things.

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