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For week beginning April 21, 2014.


24th Aug - 23rd Sept

Mercury now enters Taurus and remains in this sign up until 7 May, in your sector of travel, religion, beliefs, studies and connection with overseas people and places. You may decide to go on a long journey and this will prove mentally stimulating and exciting and you will probably choose to go with another person. If you have any interest in furthering your education, now is the time you may actually start or at least put your name down and get the paperwork done. On Monday Jupiter opposes Pluto. A wealthy friend may initially be reluctant to be of any assistance, though you just need to be a little more persuasive about your grand plan and then they may come forth and back you financially in a very big way. On Tuesday Uranus clashes with Pluto. This is a time of serious adjustment concerning your love life and any shared investments, so keep a keen eye on what is really going on beneath the surface. Also today Mars clashes with Jupiter. A very heated argument or break-up with a friend is likely to occur under this alignment. On Wednesday Mars opposes Uranus, which could signal a very sudden and unexpected breakdown in your close personal relationship with your beloved. On Thursday Mars clashes with Pluto, so you may need to keep an eye on your source of income and your valuables, as they could disappear before you have had time to check everything is in order. On Friday Venus forms a good link to Saturn. Your communication with your beloved will flow easily at this time, so arrange a special dinner at yours, or his, favourite restaurant. On Saturday the Sun forms a close alliance to Mercury, indicating the possible commencement of an overseas trip that may be very expensive, and thoroughly exciting. On Sunday Mercury forms a lovely alignment to Neptune, that will help you to tune into your beloved and know just what to do to make communication a lot clearer. Also today the Sun forms a great link to Neptune, when your beloved may make a recommendation that you both take a romantic holiday to an overseas destination. This will re-ignite you both in the way you originally both felt about each other when you first met.

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