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Some astrology related sites...
You're here, right? Well, the next logical step is to click the link above! Seriously... go on... off you go! You wont regret it... promise!
A wonderful looking site with links to other great Astrology sites!
A truly wonderful site with links to many, many astrologers offering daily and weekly horoscopes on their website.
A beautiful and talented Bondi gal and author of "Carole King Is An Alien." A very worthy site to visit!
A new and wonderful astrological website that is a must see!
Loads of astrological data and articles. Very well put together.

Another fantastic astrological website worth visiting. :-)

Diana's Den
A highly informative astrological website
If you haven't yet been to this website, go there. It is wonderful. If you haven't got an astrological program and need to calculate charts, you can do them there for free. Not only that, you can get a five page personality profile and a five page transit forecast for the next few months. I think it is downright amazing. Plus there's lots of other stuff too.

One of the best astrological sites on the internet!

New Age OnLine Australia
New Age OnLine Australia

A very nice, and very resourceful site!

spiritual connection

Cosmic Intuitions - Visit the Cosmic Intuitions Web Site.

Years 1891 to 2100 Ephemeris

Astrological Resources

Some other unrelated sites of possible interest...

Lost/Abducted Children Directory
A lost or stolen child can be more devastating than the death of a child. The worry, panic, isolation, and one's worst fears can really grow out of control. The sites listed by will almost certainly show you are not alone - not only that, you can get much needed help. Most sites are international, or are going international, so no matter where you are from, there will almost certainly be something here for you.
Click here for the directory.
This directory listing is provided by, the worlds largest search engine!

Dead-Set-Free-Stuff In OZ! - Links to free Australian stuff!!

The RCFoC - The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing. Now known as "The Harrow Technology Report."
An excellent weekly I.T. news letter.
By Jeffrey R. Harrow.

The Cure's Official Home Page

Community Broadcasting Association of Australia
Community radio in Australia.
The place to go for perl/cgi scripts

Australia & New Zealand
the worlds second largest search engine

Australia's Youth Network
Youth Radio

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